The Curling Club Mannheim introduces itself

If you landed here by chance, you'll probably ask yourself: "What is curling really?"

"Curling is fun!" That's clear! Also because curlers are funny people and a big family. And "the Mannemer" are known everywhere and - hopefully - also popular.

We are organizing every year in March our big tournament, the Herb-Lackhoff-Trophy, there we can welcome our friends from all over Europe (and sometimes even from overseas)!

In the past only Mannheim arranged the International German Open Curling students tournament. A unique event in Europe, because here World and European champions played with absolute beginners in one team and had lots of fun!

Every year we see hard fights and interesting games during our two local championships:

The curling world has a right to suffer the news of our club, although we do ourselves hard to pronounce our countless outstanding successes, which are earned by our fantastic members at incredibly strong tournaments.

Hardly anyone who tried curling succumbs to the fascination of this sport. Therefore: up on the ice! If the way to Mannheim is too far: Addresses of German curling clubs and links to additional curling homepages.

The history of the Curling Club Mannheim

It was one of those snowless winter in 1983 in the beautiful mountains of Switzerland. Like every winter a few Mannheimer families spent their skiing and Christmas holidays in Wengen. In a lousy cold they were standing at a ice rink and marveled some curlers. And as it sometimes happens, the Mannheimer were even sliding the stones themselves over the ice short time later. They heard from the "Spirit of Curling", from the principle of fairness and enjoyed the companionship of this team sport. In the euphoria brought a few stones into the house and to hit one or the other Take-out, they quickly agreed that this sport must be operated in Mannheim.

Back from the holiday, the Curling Club Mannheim was founded on March 15, 1984. After stones, brooms and sliders were purchased, the pioneers went on the ice at the ice rink Herzogenried (EZH). Without guidance, it remained however, initially at curling improvisations. An acting vice world champion, who started his study in Mannheim, came, clapped his hands together above his head, as he saw this kind of "playing curling". Together with a Swiss Ladies vice champion, he helped henceforth the CCM on the curling legs.

Thus, a travel and tournament friendly club developed itself, which was welcome everywhere soon. Therever the "Mannheimer" played it was clear for everyone else not to finish last. But times have changed: with the first tournament trips a close cooperation with the University of Mannheim developped, and many students could be won as members. Also cooperations with the Evening Academy and the comprehensive school Herzogenried followed. Today, the CCM shall apply with about 40 members as one of the most active clubs in Baden-Württemberg.

In the public sport area several teams participate at around 30 international curling tournaments in Germany and neighboring countries during the season. Many tournaments in Germany and other European countries could be won!

Together with the University of Mannheim and the Eissportverband Baden-Württemberg we organized nearly 15 times the "International Open German Students tournament" im EZH. Unfortunately the interest for this event sunk, so we decided not to proceed.

Allways in March the international "Herb-Lackhoff-Trophy" takes place, one of the most significant curling tournament in Baden-Württemberg.

But even in competitive sports, the success of the CCM can be seen in the meantime: 1989 already Herbert Lackhoff in syndicate with the Baden-Hills G&CC could win the German Senior Championships. Several titles in men and women in Baden-Württemberg followed. Since establishing the German curling league in 1994, the club is represented with one team in that event nearly every year. The CCM could win the German Senior championships again in 2008, 2011 and 2016. Some Mannheim club members also participated at World Championships: World Men 2003 Jürgen Beck and World Senior Championships 2014 Jamie Boutin, 2015 Christoph Möckel, 2016 Jürgen Münch, Christoph Möckel, Jürgen Beck, Uwe Saile and Irene Beck (for Switzerland)! And Pia-Lisa Schöll as Member of the German Nationalteam has great successes on several European and Worldchampionships since some years. As you can see the Mannheim curlers now belong to quite successful ones!

Updated: August 1st 2016